- Torrentz alternative - Torrentz2 powerful meta-search engine is a clone of Torrentz, a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines
Indexing 59,775,616 torrents from 111,618,049 pages on 63 domains meta search engine features:
  • is a clone, copycat of the site
  • Torrentz is a meta-search engine (aggregator) and a Multisearch.
  • Torrentz is a very powerful internet location search tool.
  • Torrentz is not a torrent cache, torrent tracker nor a torrent directory.
  • Torrentz links to other independent search engines that might host torrent files.
  • Torrent files are simply metadata and cannot be copyrighted.
  • Torrentz is similar to Google.