is a public torrent tracker for the P2P BitTorrent network with multi-tracker index. As such it does not host files, but is a torrent directory.

YourBittorrent have also facility to torrent DHT search. Share your Torrents with your friend and the world using YourBittorrent.
It uses automated software to search the Internet for host file information and does not actively oversee what is indexed in its database.

YourBittorrent Torrent Categories
  • MOVIES Torrent
  • TELEVISION Torrent
  • MUSIC Torrent
  • GAMES Torrent
  • SOFTWARE Torrent
  • ANIME Torrent
  • EBOOKS Torrent
  • [X][X][X] Torrent
YourBittorrent hava also torrent search facility, apart from this search it also indexes the HOT SEARCHES key for popular torrent


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