T411.io or Torrent411- french Torrent Tracker Torrent directory
t411 or Torrent411 is a semi-private BitTorrent tracker website, having multi-tracker index with public torrent directory.

According to Alexa Internet, it was the 86th most visited website in France in December 2014, and the first in its category (-Wikipedia)
How to post torrent in T411.io :
The first three torrents posted by a member will be subject to monitoring done by the staff. The up-loader beginner can not put online a single torrent. After approval by the staff, it will put one second, and so on until the third. The fourth torrent posted appear directly on the site, without going through the mandatory control. It will still be subject to random checks Pending the Team and votes of members who download it. This system should help new up-loaders to better define the rules for upload and we hope to improve the quality and presentation of available torrents.


  1. why buhaypirata.net cannot be open anymore? ;(( ;(( ;((