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AnimeSuki is a collection of BitTorrent links to unlicensed English anime fansubs. The links are organized in various ways: by date, by group, by series etc, so that you can easily find what you want. For more information on what AnimeSuki lists see our listing policy. Note that AnimeSuki only lists BitTorrent links: we do not host any of the files mentioned, nor do we even host anything related to BitTorrent (torrent files or tracker). Torrents
All torrents that used to be on this page have been moved to The reason for this so that can now honestly claim it absolutely does not host any file and can focus on being just an index of anime torrent links. Just the location of the torrents has changed: the tracker and torrents themselves remain unchanged.

Notice from AnimeSuki!
AnimeSuki does not host any of the media files mentioned on the site. It also does not host anything related to BitTorrent such as trackers or torrent files. This site is merely an index of links to other websites. Please understand that nearly every link on this site takes you to other websites that AnimeSuki is not affiliated with nor in any way responsible for!


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